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As I was editing my 300+ pictures from Blogfest, I couldn’t help but reminisce a little not only about the fabulous and interesting people I met but also about all the great spaces I saw.  While not everyone was super-friendly (and you know who you are) most people were there to network and chat with as many other bloggers as possible.

The Ace Hotel in New York is part hipster club, part industrial chic apartment.   The lobby seems to be hopping no matter the time of day (or night!) and the rooms have interesting touches like Pendleton blankets, Smeg fridges and vintage looking bathroom fixtures.  We even had a guitar in our room in case we decided to break into song (although not likely).  While the hotel is super cool, the lighting could have been just a tad bit brighter. Makes doing your make-up every morning a bit of an extreme sport! Photos via

Our first stop on the Blogfest extravaganza was Hearst Tower.  I can only imagine what it would be like to work in this building.  Super cool architectural details and a killer view of the park (so I’m told as it was super foggy in New York) would make heading off to work a little easier.

The Elle Decor Modern Concept House was no house at all but rather two apartments with rooms designed by 10 designers to watch as  noted by Elle Decor magazine.  You can get a sneak peek into some of the rooms here.  The rooms were a really interesting mix of great furniture and arty pieces which created a unique look for each space. 

There’s something about Lily Pulitzer fabrics that makes me happy.  This room at the Lee Jofa showroom is like looking into a kaleidoscope with its myriad of patterns and colour.  It’s hard to see from these photos but the walls are upholstered in the most fabulous embroidered check fabric.  And I am loving the monogramed chair backs.

 The Traditional Home party paired renowned designers such as David Easton, Thomas O’Brien and Eric Cohler with a vintage Lee Jofa fabric and asked them to create a room based on the fabric.  The first two photos are from Suzanne Kasler’s room and let me tell you, it was absolutely stunning in person.  My favourite space of the night bar none.

One of the last spaces we toured and perhaps the most behind the scenes was the Kravet/Lee Jofa Design Studio.  We looked at everything from digital printing to product development to how new colourways are developed.  For someone who loves fabric as much as I do, it was absolute heaven.  By now you’re likely tired of hearing and reading about Blogfest.  All I can say is that it was an amazing experience, one that I would love to repeat next year.   Sponsors, are you listening? 😉

All photos are by eye see pretty unless otherwise credited.

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